The Parkway Process

At the heart of our work, we want to take the complex and technical off your hands through a simple, straightforward process that feels completely seamless.

No overcomplicated forms. No long lists of terms and conditions. We’ll do the math, research, and leg work required to get everything done just right.

We partner with design professionals who have the vision but need an ingeniously engineered solution. We’re devoted to delivering best-in-class service and our award-winning workroom always comes equipped with the newest methods, highest-quality products, and cutting-edge advances in technology and motorization.

Consultation, Measurements, and Rendering:

Window Treatment Rendering
We’re constantly thinking about making life easier for our partners.

During our on-site consultation, we’ll measure and assess everything needed to provide a quick and accurate quote.

When your vision is intact, we’ll create true to life scale drawings with our design software— a key element in helping your client visualize the design before they sign off.

Once we’re ready to get to work, we’ll take care of the entire process from ordering to coordinating with your build team.

And if issues arise, we’ll always arrive on point with support, counsel, and—most importantly—solutions.


Window Treatment Rendering
Our fabrication process is a true differentiator.

We’ll consider everything: the placement of a pattern’s motif, how pleats will showcase the fabric, the custom snap spacing on ripplefold panels to make sure you get a flawless fold—we envision the flow of the space and the best ways to make your design sing.

Even the smallest details are treated with reverence: closely inspecting every inch of fabric before it’s cut,  considering hem size in relation to the length of the panel, ensuring that roman shades raise and lower perfectly every time.

And our workroom is fully equipped for large scale projects with complex architectural elements— from double story panels to arched top valances to windows of every shape and size.

Coordination and Installation:

Window Treatment Rendering
When we arrive to install, we’ve thought of everything.

We speak the same language as your carpenters, electricians, and contractors, so we’ll be completely aligned with all of the key technical and structural aspects.

We even have a dress rehearsal for all installations in our workroom so everything is accounted for— down to the spacing of the last bracket.

We take pride in our work. And we love a challenge. Let’s get started.

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