Soft Goods: Bedding, Pillows, and More

Custom Cushion Rochester Ny
Custom Pillow With Mitered Flange

Our custom bedding, pillows, cushions, and more are made to honor your design vision and exceed client expectations.

We offer high-quality pillow inserts in a variety of fills, made to order in any size or shape you require.

Our inserts are always large enough to fill out every form—no more empty corners or pancake-flat pillows.

We’ll work with you to help define foam thickness, density, and indentation force to keep your cushions both comfortable and durable.

And our custom bedding is made with the same attention to detail as our window treatments. Once you select your fabric we’ll go the extra mile to make sure every textile is displayed at its most beautiful.

We’re invested in creating true quality, in the small hand-crafted details that will set us apart and wow your clients.

We’re ready to bring your vision to life. Contact us to get started.

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