Custom Window Treatment Hardware

Window Treatment Hardware Rochester Ny
Custom Hardware For Window Treatments Rochester Ny

We offer a wide variety of window treatment hardware from simple curtain rods to hand-carved finials and motorized drapery tracks.

Whatever your design requires we have options at all price points from vetted best-sellers like AriA, Select, Iron Art, and Helser Brothers— with full access to much more.

We’ll be here to help you work through all the technical questions:

  • Does the work require custom rod length?
  • How far off the window should the rod extend?
  • Where should the rod be spliced?
  • Will the brackets be a visible element in the final design?
  • And everything else custom to whatever your design requires

Our process also includes a mounting test in our workroom before installation so we can come prepared for a perfectly calculated placement— no more hours of  “a little higher… no, a little lower”— everything will fit just how you envisioned. Contact us to learn more.

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