Arched Window Treatments

When it comes to interior design, every detail is an opportunity to transform a space into a masterpiece. Arched windows, with their unique shapes and architectural allure, present a captivating canvas for designers to showcase their creativity. As a distinguished workroom specializing in serving luxury interior designers, we recognize the unparalleled charm that custom arched window treatments bring to a space.

Highlighting Architectural Details with Arched Window Treatments

1 Arched Top Hand Smocking

Arched windows are architectural gems, adding a touch of grandeur and sophistication to any room. Crafting custom window treatments for these unique shapes is not just a necessity; it’s an art form. Standard off-the-shelf options fall short in complementing the distinctive curvature and proportions of arched windows. Our workroom understands that these architectural details deserve to be celebrated, and custom window treatments are the ideal way to achieve this.

Options for Arched Window Treatments

4 Curved Wrought Iron Hardware

The possibilities for dressing arched windows are as diverse as the designs they adorn. One exquisite option is the use of drapes with specialty arched hardware. This tailored solution ensures that the drapery gracefully follows the curvature of the window, highlighting its unique shape while maintaining functionality.

8 Monson Fr

Roman shades offer another refined choice for arched windows. The soft folds of the shades perfectly complement the gentle curve, providing an elegant and timeless aesthetic. The versatility of roman shades allows for various fabric choices, offering both opulence and functionality.

10 Jeff Living Room Photo

Valances are yet another option to add a touch of sophistication to arched windows. Tailored to perfection, valances can be designed to mirror the arch, creating a seamless and visually pleasing effect.

Embracing Curves for Straight Windows

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Beyond arched windows, the concept of adding curves to window treatments is a design strategy that transcends typical straight windows. Whether it’s softening the lines, adding height, or highlighting a specific architectural element, incorporating curves into the design imparts a sense of grace and luxury.

4 Donlon Dinette Photo 2

Parkway Window Works specializes in translating the vision of luxury interior designers into reality. By understanding the nuances of arched windows and the desire to infuse curves into straight windows, we bring forth bespoke window treatments that not only fit seamlessly but also enhance the overall design aesthetic. Contact us today so we can get started on your project.

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