Color Blocking Window Treatments

Color blocking is one method designers use to add visual interest to their window treatment designs. It allows combining the perfect colors and offers unending options. From dramatic to uniquely contrasting, here are some ideas on how to use color blocking in your projects.

Drapery Panels with Color Blocking

Color Blocked Drapes
Color blocked drapes separated by trim

Color blocking window treatments allows you to combine multiple colors and fabrics. This window treatment consists of a neutral color on top, a bold orange on the bottom, connected by the thin band of blue trim. This creates a cohesive look with the custom bedding, and brings the room design together.

Color Blocking
Color blocking with fabrics creates visual interest

Color blocking can not only quietly tie your room design together, it can add a flair of elegance. These beautiful gold drapes with a blue-gray color block are a sophisticated addition to these large windows. The different types of material used to create this blocked look give the treatment a textured feel while not distracting from that view.

Vertical Color Blocking

Striped Window Treatments
Vertical color blocking with fun primary colors

Vertical color blocking is accomplished by sewing two or more different colored lengths of fabric together. By pairing contrasting colors from the same color scheme, this vertical color block ties this fun and colorful room together nicely.  Using custom blocking can makes a bold, lasting impression and gives this room a personality all its own.

Beyond Window Treatments

Color Blocked Bedding
Color blocked bedding makes a bold impression

Color blocking is not just for window treatments. This technique can also bring that same unique flair of personality to your soft goods.  Custom bedding, pillows, and just about anything else fabricated can benefit from this technique.

Parkway Window Works partners with busy interior designers to take their window treatment vision from concept to reality. We are here to help you work through all the technical questions related to color blocking and beyond. Ready to specify custom window treatments for your next project? Contact us to get started.

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