Custom Window Treatments For Doors

You may need custom window treatments for doors in your designs, especially if you encounter a situation that won’t allow for a standard window treatment or if the client has a special request for a particular look. 

Most of the time, the door opens into the room.  If you add a valance, the door hits the valance when opened. The 3 “typical” solutions when a door is involved (mount the valance too high, make the valance too short, or leave the door untreated) all affect the design aesthetic negatively.

We problem-solve and work with our designer clients to come up with custom window treatments for doors. I want to introduce you to an engineered solution we offer: Door Hinge Valances. Here are a variety of design situations that called for a door hinge valance solution.

Case #1: A Dinette For An Active Family

A door hinge valance uses hardware that allows the valance to move with the door. In this situation, the designer was working with a family with active children.  The dinette featured a door leading to the backyard, and the kids were constantly going in and out. A door hinge valance was the perfect solution for treating this door.

There are two windows and a door in this kitchen eating area.  By using door hinge hardware, the designer was able to mount all three valances at the same height AND have all three valances the same length AND still use the door without interference from the valance. 

Case #2: French Doors

The photos above are an example of using door hinge hardware for a valance over a French door.  Like the single door, the French door also opens into the room.  This situation requires a valance design that has some sort of “break” in the middle where the valance itself hinges.  The inverted box pleat in the center of this valance is the perfect solution.

Case #3: A Master Bedroom Door

Here is a third situation where a door hinge valance was used.  In this case, there was a large picture window where the designer chose a valance with stationary panels.  She did not want to leave the door untreated.  By using the door hinge hardware and mounting the valances at the same height, your eye moves around the room uninterrupted and the client can still use the door.

Case #4: A Master Bathroom Window

For this designer’s project, the homeowner liked to open the windows to let in fresh air and get a cross breeze in the master bathroom.  The valances were engineered with a hinge on the side to allow both the shutter and valance to pivot so that the windows can easily be opened.

Case #5: 2nd Floor Doctor’s Office

The windows in this 2nd floor doctor’s office called for a 14 ft. cornice – too wide to transport and get to the second floor (it wouldn’t fit in the elevator or stairwell).  We added a hinge in the center to allow us to fold the cornice.  We unfolded the cornice on site at the installation and voilà – a 14′ cornice was installed.

Parkway Window Works partners with busy interior designers to take their window treatment vision from concept to reality. We are here to help you work through all the technical questions related to your window treatment project down to the last detail. We offer custom solutions for any challenging window or door situation and beyond. Ready to find your custom engineered solution? Contact us to get started.

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