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Do you give much thought to your valance, pillow, and bedding edges?  Do you always choose welt? Have you considered looking at other options? Welt, which is cord covered with fabric, is without a doubt the most popular edge option. If you’re looking to mix it up and add more interest to the edges of your valances, pillows, and bedding, consider these three edge options. They’re a step above welt and really add to the style and function of the project. 

Micro Flange

A micro flange is a 1/2″ wide flat edge.  It is sometimes referred to as a cordless welt.  The flange can be mitered in the corners or a couple of tucks can be added to ease around a corner.  I love how Interior Designer Elizabeth Butler used the micro flange on this contemporary bedding set.  Each of the four shams has a different color micro flange.  And notice the micro flange on the ends of the bolster.  Even the toss pillow at the foot of the bed has a micro flange in the same color as the body of the pillow.  You can see in the close-up that the corners are mitered. The micro flange is a great option for your pillow and bedding edges.

Double Bead Chain

Double bead chain is made like welt but instead of covering soft cord with fabric, two rows of beaded weight chain are covered with fabric. Beaded weight chain is most often used in the hem of sheer drapery panels to prevent flaring. Beaded weight chain makes a flat, heavy edging that when applied in a seam looks like narrow banding but has the added benefit of weight .  It improves draping when used in the hem of a valance and helps to prevent waving on wide flat expanses.  Interior Designer Janis Reed used double bead chain beautifully on this powder room valance.  The color and size of the edging make it look like a continuation of the fabric design. This is a great edge option for your valances and window treatments.

Mini Ruffles

You might think ruffles are so 1980’s but when scaled down to a scant 1/2″, they can be an interesting edging without being overly feminine.  Here mini ruffles are inserted into both edges of the boxed round pillow in this teen’s butterfly chair.  They soften the pillow and add charm to the setting. Don’t shy away from a unique edge option like mini-ruffles – they can really add a lot interest!

Parkway Window Works partners with busy interior designers to take their window treatment & soft furnishings vision from concept to reality. We are here to help you work through all the technical questions related to your design project down to the last detail – including what edge options are possible. We can become a part of your team to support you on all your window treatments and beyond. Ready to specify custom edges for the valances, pillows, and bedding in your next project? Contact us to get started.

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