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As an interior designer, why should you offer motorized window treatments to your clients?  A better question is why not!  The top two reasons are access and safety – that is the ability to operate hard-to-reach shades and the elimination of the potential choking hazard from lift cords.  But you may be surprised at the many other reasons to choose motorization for your window treatments.


  • Is there a bathtub in front of the window?
  • Are there transom windows or two-story windows?
  • Does a household member have any physical limitations like arthritis or limited mobility?

Motorized shades keep access at your client’s fingertips.  No more ladders, stepping into a soggy bathtub, or climbing up on the kitchen counter to move those hard to read shades.


  • Do your clients have young children?
  • Do your clients have grandchildren that visit?
  • Do they have pets?

Safety is always a top priority.  When there are young children in the home, it’s especially important. Unfortunately, we’ve all heard stories where a cord from a window treatment posed a serious choking threat to a child or pet. With motorized window treatments there are no cords, thus reducing potential dangers to your children and pets.


  • Is there a lot of foot traffic on the sidewalk outside your client’s windows?
  • Can their next-door neighbor see in?

A favorite setting can be programmed on the remote control that will automatically move the window treatment to the desired position at the touch of a button.  No need to get up and walk across the room to the window to lower the shades. 

  • Does your client or their spouse have a busy travel schedule?

Shades can be programmed to move at seemingly random times on different days of the week to keep the home looking occupied and safe from becoming a target for break-ins.

Light Control

  • Does the sun wake your clients up in the morning?
  • Does the light interfere with the baby napping?
  • Is there glare on the TV in the afternoon?
  • Is there fading of hardwood floors, oriental rugs, or upholstered furniture?

Motorized window treatments can be controlled by sun sensors so that when the sun is up, the shades are down.  They can also be programmed to raise and lower at specific times on specific days of the week.

Temperature Control

  • Is it cold around the windows in the winter?
  • Does the room get too hot on sunny days?

The angle and intensity of the sun changes with the seasons.  The hours of the day that we want to keep the sun out in the summer are different from the hours of the day that we want to let the sun in during the winter.  The timing of the movement of the shades can be automatically set so that they open and close to maximize energy efficiency and keep the house comfortable in any season.

Home Automation Systems

  • Does your client use Alexa or have another home automation system?
  • Do they want the ability to control their shades from anywhere in the world?

Window coverings can be integrated into Smart Home systems. They can be controlled via an app on a smart phone.  They can be controlled by voice command to Amazon Echo, Google Nest, or Apple HomeKit.   And they can be integrated with home automation systems like Control4, Crestron, Elan, Savant, RTI and URC.


  • Will I be limited in selection and style?

No! Nearly any window treatment can be motorized.  Whatever your clients’ style preference or type of window, the perfect window treatment can offer the benefits of motorization.

If you have a design project with hard-to-reach windows or a client with children and pets in the house, motorized window treatments are an obvious solution.  But don’t limit yourself to convenience and safety as reasons to offer motorized solutions to your clients.  

If there are privacy needs, temperature and light control issues, or the desire to integrate window treatments with the home automation system, motorization is the answer.  Parkway Window Works specializes in providing state of the art technical knowledge for the motorization of draperies, blinds, shades, and shutters.  We’ll be at your side to help you select the right product, power options, and control systems to suit your client’s needs.  Ready to specify motorization on your next window treatment project?  Contact us to get started.

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  • Clare Martin
    | 16 December 2023

    It was interesting to learn that we can program a favorite setting with the remote control of our motorized window coverings to automatically move them to the desired position with just one press of a button. I’m renovating my office next month, and I have decided to get motorized window blinds for the room to make things more convenient for us. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for a window treatment provider in River Falls to hire for the motorized window coverings I need for my office soon.

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